The Paranormal Animal Unit

This unit was created out of an ongoing interest in finding out what an animal's abilities may be regarding paranormal activity.

 The little fellow below is a stray JJ found a number of years ago.  He quickly became a member of the family and protects them with the heart of a lion.  While watching TV one evening, JJ and her son observed a shadow (just legs and feet) passing back and forth from one side of the kitchen to the other just under the blanket hung over the door.  She also observed that Scruffy and another dog were watching this event.  As this repeated many times and became more noticable, Scruffy growled and stood on JJs lap in a protective stance.  

 Scruffy has done this many more times in other locations with dead-on accuracy.  It is hoped that one day we will be able  to gather evidence to support the connection between the dog and paranormal activity.

Texpart would like to also test the abilities of other animals as well.  We know that their are many reports of cats, birds and even horses that have sensed the world beyond their own. 









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