Texpart has a wonderful team!  Each member has unique gifts and talents that make investigating a sheer pleasure. We strive to be the best at what we do and we believe it shows through our results from investigations. 

 J.J. Jensen - TexPart Founder and President

J.J. Jensen (Founder and President) has an Associates Degree in Paralegal studies and a Bachelors Degree in Sociology/Pre-Law.  She created TexPart Paranormal LLC in 2005 after working with DiePart (Des Moines Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team) and then moving away to TX.  Living in and renovating a historic 1800s home stirred up many unexplainable activities that caused her to question what was going on!  After trying to understand it on her own to no avail, J.J. tentatively turned to her clergy.  He calmly asked her can you take God to lunch??  Bewildered, she answered,well, not in the physical sense.  The wise clergy smiled and said "yet you still believe he's here.....so why would you doubt that the spiritual world isn't all around us??"  

J.J. founded TexPart Paranormal LLC to educate and assist others in their understanding of the spiritual existence and their interactions with the living.  Many come to us with fears and misconceptions of what they are experiencing in their homes, offices, and surroundings.  TexPart Paranormal LLC will research, investigate, calm, report our findings and if necessary, transition any earthbound spirits.  Firmly believing in research and history as a baseline of any investigation, J.J. first seeks out a foundation for the activity.  She has an analytical mind and looks for the explainable before reaching for the unexplainable which gives her perspective and integrity people will not find on any television show.


Jet Rice- Co-Founder/Vice- President

Andrew Jet Rice.  As head of the TexPart Jr. Investigator Team, his goal is to ensure that young adults, like himself, get a well-rounded education in the paranormal investigation field by learning respect, confidentiality and thorough, sensible investigation techniques.  As "jack of all trades", his technical skills along with his sensitive abilities brings awareness to the paranormal world as well as the ability to de-bunk evidence that would generally have been counted otherwise.  Jet is usually found in the background quietly watching, sensing and protecting.  Safe, respectful investigating is very important to Jet and he is always there to educate new investigators in protection practices!



Mana Bell - Texpart Co-Founder/ Photo Journalist

Amanda J. Bell "Mana" has an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and works as a Paralegal at a law firm in Irving, Texas. 

Mana is a talented young woman, who started her trip into paranormal experiences at 9 years of age.  Over the years, she has experienced shadow figures in her room, apparitions, and someone unseen shouting in her ear.  Mana is a talented photographer, researcher and investigator.  Mana hopes to help others overcome the fear that paranormal activity can cause and help them regain some form of normal routine in their day to day  activities. In November of 2011, Mana got married and has since moved to the Forth Worth area where she and her husband plan to start an arm to TexPart soon.


TexPart Paranormal Is one of the few teams in the area that works with certified clergy.  Our clergy members are educated in spiritual warfare, demonology, angelology, religious relics and icons and are certified to perform cleansings, blessings and exorcisms.  We have clergy available to help you and your family through difficult times.  They can council and guide you and will gladly help with your paranormal, spiritual and faith based questions.  Contact TexPart if you are need of assistance in these areas.

Jason Black - Investigator, Tech

Jason Black  has been investigating the paranormal for a little over 8 years.  It was an experience with a relative who had passed that fueled the fire to learn more.  Working with several paranormal groups in his past made Jason a perfect fit to TexPart.  He brought with him a technical expertise we needed, but he also possesses intuitive abilities.  Tying the scientific with the spiritual helps to validate any evidence we get on investigations and is one thing Jason is enthusiastic about.  His meticulous nature accompanied with his drive to find the answers makes him a great asset to TexPart!

Melinda West- Investigator, Team Admin & Organizer

Melinda West was introduced to the team while attending McKinney's Annual Ghost Walk. After attending several Ghost Hunting 101 Classes at Chestnut Square, it was clear to all of us that she was definitely a sensitive and possessed a calming charge about her.  Her insights started when she was very young and she is always in search of teachings to help her with her abilities.  A passion to help the earthbound spirits move on to the light is what drives her interest in exploring the paranormal.  Melinda wants to understand what holds some to this realm and will continue to search for the answers.  She brings a sweet, quirky and calming personality to this misfit team!

Dee Dee Ramsey - Investigator & Michael Copping, Investigator

Dee Dee Ramsey (Treasure) and Michael Copping attended every single Ghost Hunting 101 class at Chestnut Square we gave in its first year.  They were fun loving, teachable and clearly enjoyed being ghost hunters.  After they attended their 6th CNS investigation they became honorary members and were asked to join in on our regular non private investigations.  As they attended more CNS investigations we asked them to help with larger groups and it wasn?t long after that they became members. These two love the gadgets and have gotten very good at using them. 

Theodore D. Bonebag "Dead Ted" 

Theodore D. Bonebag (Dead Ted) has been interested in the paranormal since he found himself wandering the streets in Bone County along the San Andreas.  He couldn’t understand why everyone looked at him strangely until he got a glimpse of himself in a storefront window.  Holy Moly!!  Just a bunch of bones stared back at him…he needed some clothes and quickly!!  He hitched rides on freight trains trying to make sense of his new reality until one day he stumbled upon our TexPart group.  Hiding in the shadows he listened to us trying to get in touch with the spirit world and wondered if he may someday belong here.  Of course we couldn’t help but hear his knees a knockin’ and coaxed him out to speak with us.  He was a natural fit and in October of 2014 he joined our team!  Dead Ted can be found at any of our public events and regularly helps out at our monthly Ghost Hunting 101 at Chestnut Square.  We have to congratulate him on his recent wedding to Scary Sheri and so proud of him when he adopted his dog, Dead Fred!!  He has a habit of losing his head from time to time, but that’s just one more reason we love and accept him as a member of TexPart!


Oh…& visit Dead Ted’s Facebook page at: 



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