Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk


The 2015 Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk will be two shivery nights!! 

Mark your calendar for Friday and Saturday, October 23 and 24

6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

TexPart Paranormal LLC will share their investigation results from some of the sites on the Ghost Walk in a special movie presentation at the McKinney Performing Arts Center!  Civil War soldiers will share ghost stories around a camp fire next to the Two-Bit Taylor Inn at Chestnut Square.



2015 Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk

This is a self-guided, self-paced Ghost Walk throughout Chestnut Square Historic Village and the downtown McKinney Square. Ticket booklets provide maps of the sites and storytellers at each site share the legends!  Once you have your ticket booklet you can map out your route with stops in between for fun and food!  Ticket booklets and wrist bands are available at Chestnut Square Historic Village and the McKinney Performing Arts Center. 

Tickets prices are:

Adults:  $15 the night of the Ghost Walk. 

Children 12 and under are $5.   Children 3 and under are free.

Click here to purchase tickets online for the Ghost Walk.


Ghost Walk includes the following legendary sites:

Chestnut Square Historic Village Dulaney House :  Learn about the tragedies of the Dulaney family.  Do people really see a child in white at the attic door?  Learn about Corrine Dulaney at the Dulaney House. Is she the one people see?



 Purchase tickets here:



 New news article !!!






Flashback to Ghostwalk 2009

Last year, the ghost walk was held on two dates, Saturday, October 22 and Friday, October 29.  Texpart revealed some of the evidence discovered at the MPAC center, the site of the historic Collin County Courthouse.  This courthouse is said to be haunted by a lady in white.  We also be revealed evidence at the Chestnut Square, which included evidence discovered from multiple businesses around McKinney.  

Texpart also had an active investigation set up.  We had a live ghost cam while conducting a scientific experiment.  In one of the locations, reports of an appartion have been seen.  One of these reports have been by one of the civil war soldiers.  Another came from a regular attendee of the Farmer's market.  This is an ongoing project.  However, our attempt to document any activity by video during last year's ghost walk, while the civil war soldiers were present, did not produce any results.  -


Here is a glimpse of locations that we have been investigating in downtown McKinney that you might see on the ghost walk.

The Magic Shop




Landon Winery




Churchill's (formerly the Londoner)


Historic Collin County Courthouse

(now the MPAC center)

Here are three evps, each saying yes, taken at the judge's bench. Ty acknowledges it on the recorder as he heard it in real time.


Chestnut Square

(a historic village of several old homes and a school house)

This EVP was heard while Korrie and Ty were listening to live recorders with headphones in the Faires house. 

Dobscha Studios

(and the neighboring vacant second floor office)



Lifestyle Nutrition

(formerly the Sippity Doodle) 


The Pantry


 The Morning Star Antique Shop



Herbies Ice Cream (now closed) (and the old garage that surrounds it)


Alice's Tea Shop (now closed)


Outside the historic jail



The Civil War Soldier Project

Each time the civil war soldiers have came out to do re-enactments, we had active video set up to see if the mysterious apparition appeared in a nearby location while civil war soldiers camped out at Chestnut Square.


This part of an ongoing experiment of Texpart.
The theory is that historical cues and emotional stimulus might increase paranormal activity. In this case the Taylor Inn, (in the backgound) dates back to at least the Reconstruction Era. Several of the civil war re-enactors have seen an apparition inside the Inn.  This same apparition was seen on other occasions. Can cues from the civil war once again bring this apparition out?



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