Jefferson Texas

Texpart attended the paranormal convention held at the visitors center in Jefferson Texas. After the convention the group volunteered to lead an investigation of one of the wonderful antique shops in the city.  Visitors and fellow groups alike gatherered to see the the equipment used, share ideas and have great time looking for the Jefferson ghosties in the shop.  We had many interesting things happen while we were at that site.  We interacted with shadows and talked to disembodied voices.  This was so much fun that TexPart plans on participating again at the convention that will be held in November 2015.


Tyler Texas

Tyler Texas was amazing.  TexPart attended the conference held there.  After the conference we investigated a haunted house attraction that was reputed to be haunted. It was not a disappointment!  This is the location where investigator Jason Black caught our full bodied apparition of a man walking away from the camera.  Another witness investigating in the same area as Jason stated that they had been hearing sounds of shuffling and walking but nothing was seen by the naked eye when that photo was taken.  An amazing catch for 2015!


Tombstone Arizona 

Investigations of the Bird Cage Theatre, Haunted Hotel, Boot Hill and the Tombstone Court House.   This was meant to be a fun outing at a very haunted location.  The citizens of Tombstone made sure the 60+ visiting paranormal investigators had a fabulous and memorable time- despite some dubious events that happened while we were there.  Overall it was an amazing trip!


York Town Hospital Texas

An all night investigation of a haunted hospital.  As one of the last groups to investigate this very haunted location, Yorktown Hospital now sits vacant and closed to groups because its rapidly decaying structure.  Investigators at this site get scratched, choked, hair pulled, hear voices, see shadows and never leave disappointed or withour experience.  Texpart is very glad to have been able to investigate this historic landmark.


Undisclosed Private Investigation

The group was called to check out the claims of a Plano home owner.  The claims were that someone had gotten into bed with her, walked up and down the hall repeatedly, caused the dog to bark and was in general making life in her home very uncomfortable.  TexPart sent a small group to interview the home owner and  ultimately ascertained the solution for this home just by interview.  While a few occurences have happened after our visit the owner no longer feels threatened and understands how to handle the situtation should it arise again.  During a seperate visit to the home, we were able to help a neighbor next door close a portal that was allowing the spirits to wander from place to place freely.  This helped both residents afterward. 

Remote Investigation of Old First National Bank of McKinney

This was a remote investigation of an one of the first banks established in McKinney Texas.  With many of original features of this old bank in place the owner of this gorgeous boutique allowed Texpart to be the very first investigators of this old establishment. 

Unfortunatley because this location is directly on the square and there is a bar two doors down, most of the early evening to late evening recordings were contamenated with outside noise, voices and laughter so anything up until 2:30 am had to be ruled out.

From the hours of 3 am until we returned around noon, nothing paranormal occured and it was quiet as a tomb. 


A Night in a Museum -September 5th

Texpart Paranormal has the honor of being the very first investigators of this magestic victorian home (now a museum). We will spend the night in this old home with all the vietmam artifacts and historical displays and see what activity we find.  Come see the evidence we find at our Ghost Walk presentation October 23& 24, 2015!

September 12, 2015 Investigation of a Private Location

The owners of this home as well as guests and visitors have experienced paranormal occurences from whispers, shadow figures, and things that move on their own.  THese owners are ready to take back there home.  TexPart with the assistance of our x-team will help them do just that!


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