January 4, 2014

Undisclosed public location. 

This is a new investigation of a very interesting public use building where we found some pretty amazing paranormal activity during a brief, more social event in late 2013.  Our hope is that we can actually document some of the activity we all witnessed last visit.

Chestnut Square February 1, 2014 McKinney, TX

This is an on-going, monthly event for new members and members of the public that would like to attend a safe, hands-on ghost hunting investigation at a proven haunted location.  This is a wonderful learning experience that allows the brave-at-heart an opportunity to explore 3- 5 haunted homes with the assistance of experienced ghost hunters and professional equipment.  Results from each investigation vary from month to month and we thought it would be fun to show you what we our guest investigators find.

 If you are interested in attending one of these investigations, please see the following site to purchase tickets ahead or email us at jj.texpart@gmail.com and let us know you will be attending and will pay at the door.  We can take cash or credit cards on site.


February 7, 2013- Mengar Hotel, San Antonio and USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

This was an amazing journey for all involved.  We had an outstanding time and are already in the process of planning for another similar trip next year. We started by staying the night in the historic Mengar Hotel in San Antonio.  Our rooms were in the historical/victorian section of the hotel where many a famous person in history trod.  The group spent the evening exploring the many photos & historic relics and we even sat in the Mengars bar area where Teddy Roosevelt is said to have ridden his horse Texas in and recruited for his rough riders. We set up an EVP session and Scott did a reading which produced some very accurate answers to a murder that occurred in the hotel long ago. The team toured the city, scurried for dinner and ate a marvelous breakfast in a dining room where many a President had dined. 

We then headed on to Corpus Cristi for our investigation of the USS Lexington.  Upon arriving later in the day the group adventured to Black Beard's for a wonderful meal of fish and fine food. We learned that Black Beard's was reputed to be haunted and the group determined that perhaps it would arrange an investigation if we returned again sometime.  The group then headed for its overnight stay pf the USS Lexington. 

The Lexington is a massive multi-leveled carrier ship that was used for battle as well as training.  The Japanese called it the "gray ghost" because they would successfully bomb it, watch it sink, only to have it resurrect itself so that it could be repaired and returned to inflict more damage later. It was an eerie feeling to be on this ship.  You can feel the ghostly inhabitants as they bustled about their eternal business and hear the roar of the long silent plane engines as the came and went from deck to deck.  There were areas dark with long forgotten blood from blasts that opened massive holes in the ship and sucked lives from its insides.  It seemed as though many wanted of the unseen inhabitants wanted to talk because they never felt heard because the results of our investigation of this site was beyond amazing. We heard people talking, walking and knocking where we were the only ones present; we saw fleeting shadows and got answers from those passed about themselves that later research completely confirmed. EVPs, pictures and personal experiences made this one of our favorite places. We were honored to have been able to investigate this amazing piece of history.

On the trip back home, we were all a bit disappointed that it was over.  So as a last hoorah, we stopped at the Texas Ranger museum.  We weren't disappointed that we stopped.   It was a well put together museum full of amazing artifacts and I think we all came out knowing some new.

March 2014 Undisclosed Location

Investigation of a haunted school.  Because this is a public school we cannot disclose its location or our results.

Muncey Massacre Site May 3, 2014

In the fall of 1843 Jeremiah Muncey and his family were massacred by Indians at their home in north Plano between Plano and Jupiter Roads on the south bank of Rowlett Creek. The Indians had camped upstream the night before. As they proceeded down Rowlett Creek, they came upon two boys hunting. The Rice boy was killed and the Searcy boy escaped. The Indians continued down the creek to the Muncey place. The Muncey home was a lean-to that they were using while they constructed their home. Jeremiah Muncey, his wife, a three-year-old child and neighbor McBain Jameson were all killed. Two of Muncey’s boys were taken by the Indians and never seen again. The site of the massacre is marked, as well as spot where the Munceys were buried. 


This was an interesting investigation and many of our investigators came up with some interesting finds.  However, TexPart went back into the newpaper archives that reported the event and then cross checked that with books written nearer to the time it happened as well as knowledge from the sites plaques.  Unfortunately the varied information we found conflicts somewhat with regard to whom might have been responsible and to the details of what really happened that it is impossible for us to positively verify any of the information we gathered while on the investigation.


The Pantry Dinner and a Ghost Hunt August 2nd.




TexPart Paranormal in collaboration with The Pantry Restaurant

Invites you for an evening of Dinner and Ghost Hunting

Please join us on August 2nd 2014

                                     From 6:30 pm to 10 pm

Have Dinner with McKinney’s foremost ghost hunting group, TexPart at 6:30-7:45pm

                        (Dinner is a separate cost to the ghost hunt)

Then at 8:

The Pantry Ghost Hunt will begin. Groups will separated into two groups of 6.

Group One will investigate the haunted pantry restaurant while group Two takes a ghost walk tour of haunted downtown McKinney. At 9pm the groups will switch allowing both groups the experience of ghost hunting, use of our equipment and experienced paranormal teacher as well as the legends and ghost stories of down town McKinney.                             

We are looking for

12 guest investigators

To reserve your place for The Pantry Restaurant investigation

                                        Call: 972-542-2411

        Cost for TexPart Ghost Hunt is $20.00


The Pantry Dinner & Gh0st Hunter

July 26

August 2

Ghost Hunt- historic building on Louisiana and Kentucky

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Hill House in Gainesville, Texas May 24, 2014

12 Investigators spent the the night into the wee hours of the morning investigating the famous haunted Gainesville home.  We had the pleasure of having some wonderful guests with us that evening who did a great job helping TexPart as active investigators.  TexPart has investigated this location many times and this home never disappoints.  Our investigators caught some great EVPs that were answers to our questions about historical occurrences (which we researched afterwards and found to be amazing accurate.)


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