April 20, 2013

Investigation of a private residence in Texas. This location will be kept  unannonced  to allow  its residents privacy.

This home may  have been the site of  brutal unsolved murder where a young man was beaten, shot and  his dead  body was thrown on the railroad tracks to be mutilated by a train.

TexPart was called to perform an investigation of the home possibly involved and the surrounding area to help the owner understand certain unexplainable events that occurred in  her home.

Churchills Investigation

This historical pub located on the south east side of the historic McKinney downtown square was the site of many shady and dubious businesses in bygone years.  As one of many of McKinney's brothels and pubs it has seen its far share of historic figures in its day.  TexPart had investigated this site in years past and investigated again this year to obtain some new evidence and experiences for this years Ghost Walk.

Investigation of a private residence in Saginaw

TexPart was called to assist a young couple with strange events in their home.  Unable to sleep at night and disturbed by something unseen, TexPart ventured to Saginaw where some evidence, EVPs and personal experiences verified the couples need to regain their beautiful home. 

When the team arrived, we found a very pretty home in a well kept housing area.  The homes history presented some issues investigation wise as we could not verify anything claimed by our clients or their neighbors.  The claims were that the original owners brought in a young vagrant male who became infatuated with the owners wife.  THe short version is that when the owner/husband asked the young man to leave, he become upset, grabbed a knife  from the kitchen and seriously injured and disfigured the husband.  The neighbors called the police because they heard the screaming and the young man ran.  The owners went to the hospital and at sometime while they were gong the young man came back and tried to steal the brothers pickup.  Again the neighbor called the police who immediately came and upon finding the man hiding in the bush under the front window, the police asked him to come out.  The details from this point were sketchy but somewhere in this request the young man rose up from the bush and one of the policeman thinking he had a gun shot and killed the young man.  Again- we could find no evidence of this in any newspaper or police report.  But- the young man is who was believed to be haunting the home.

The clients reported hearing footsteps on the second floor while on the first floor, a male voice in the hall way, shadow figures and feelings of being held down  while sleeping. TexPart investigated the home and did find some evidence of activity in the home.  However, some of this could be contributed to a very high EMF reading from electrical equipment and HVAC in the attic area directly above the master bedroom. 

The team performed a clearing for the couple and showed them how to clear for themselves to help them maintain a positive environment. To date, no further paranormal reports have been made.

Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney TX

As a practice event, the members of TexPart went out to this historic cemetery and collected photographic and EVP evidence for review practice.  Many of the investigators captured some interesting EVPs and a few unexplainable photos.  While cemeteries can be excellent sites for practice and research, please note that most do not allow people to stay much past sundown and many are well policed.  Please adhere to the rules posted if you are making visits to these locations and be respectful.

Olds Settlers & Bradley Cemeteries, McKinney

TexPart explored these cemeteries for the first time in September of 2013.  They are two very old cemeteries, one was a family owned plot and the other was where indigent, slaves and Indians were buried.  When an expansion to the road went in between the cemeteries, it is rumored that many bodies were covered by that road because they were in unmarked graves.  The members of TexPart looked to see if any of the old Bois d'arc markers could be found but while it seemed fairly obvious where some of the graves were, no markers were found.  It rained that day as well making EVP collection impossible.

Chestnut Square

Chestnut Square is an ongoing investigation of a multi-historic home property located in McKinney Texas.  It is our favorite teaching, learning and training location.  We always get new evidence at this location. Report to follow.

November 16, 2013

Investigation of a private residence in McKinney, Texas

This is an ongoing investigation of a residence that reported apparitions, negative energy, sleep disturbances, and an overall decline in health and well-being.

The team has been to this location several times to assist this family.  It was very apparent that they were sleep deprived and needed help getting normalcy back in their lives.  The clients presented several blogging camera videos of occurrences centered around one of their young children while he slept.  Another seriously ill adult in the home reported seeing apparitions of relatives in her room and her health seemed to decline each time she returned to the home.

TexPart noted a severe change in atmosphere upon entering the home for the first time.  General feelings of danger, depression and anxiety were well noted. We investigated using standard equipment and did have many personal experiences.  We said some prayers and laid salt lines to help bring some peace of mind to the clients.  After this was done, the clients reported peaceful sleep, no further disturbances and appeared to look and feel more at rest.

However, because of the nature of this case and some of the suspected causes for the activity, TexPart called in a Priest to bless the home and comfort the clients.  To date, no further activity has been reported and both children and adults are now sleeping without being disturbed.

November 2013- undisclosed public location

Early this month, TexPart was called into a do an investigation of a school reported by many as having varied types of paranormal occurrences.  The claims were slamming doors, apparitions, voices,  footsteps, books that moved in the library and small statues that would move different directions while coaches and teachers were there during hours out of the normal school times and things that occurred during school times as well.

While the group was there, we covered the school by using camcorders, K-2s, handheld voice recorders and an assortment of other devices meant to help us find evidence.  The experience was amazing. During this investigation one of our investigators looked in a classroom as she was passing by.  She saw a young boy sitting at a desk looking back at her.  The boy disappeared before her eyes!  Lights (hand switches not motion sensor) kept turning on in various rooms with no one in the classrooms.  The team heard audible voices many times, pans clanging in the kitchen while no one was in there and we did find books randomly pulled out that were not pulled out earlier in the library.  The most dramatic thing that occurred without explanation were an entire hall of doors that randomly slammed shut.  We were all sitting in the cafeteria area discussing evidence and the hall in question was within eyeshot of us. While we could not see all the way down that hall from where we sat, we could see anyone coming or going.  One by one, we heard the doors open and close as if the janitor had come back to check and lock the classroom doors.  Knowing full well that janitor had left at least 1/2 hour earlier, we went to inspect the hall looking for people to blame for the slams.  There were a few coaches who had come back for the late night sports events but they could only account for the door noises related to their locker room/coaching offices.  They assured us that they had not gone down the hall opening and slamming classroom doors.  They honestly didn't have time to have done them all before we got down the hall anyway.  The coaches related other rather hair-raising experiences that had in that school at that time and invited us back for another investigation which we will gladly take them up on!  TexPart did do some research on this sites history and found that there could be many very good reasons this location has so much activity.  We look forward to incorporating this knowledge into a future investigation.  For now- I think that its safe to say that this location is one of the most active we have investigated this year!


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