January 2010-Freestone County Investigation

This was a special investigation of a historical preservation site.  This investigation included the Freestone County (3rd) Prison), Historical Museum, Cabins, Telephone room, First Baptist Church and surrounding grounds.

McKinney MPAC Center (Old Collin County Courthouse)


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This was an investigation of a prominent business located in McKinney, Tx on June 19, 2010.  Texpart investigated this historic location last year in preparation for the Ghost Walk events held in October. The Texpart team hopes to bring new evidence to light for this location- maybe even the lady in white.  Evidence will be posted as it is verified.


Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team

Exploring the fine line between normal and paranormal……..

The Texpart team would like to thank David Taylor  for allowing Texpart the opportunity to investigate the McKinney MPAC/old courthouse. It was truly an honor to be allowed an investigation for a second year. The experiences we have found to be completely different each year!

Preliminary Investigation Report

July 15, 2010

On June 19, 2010, 12 Texpart investigators spent until the early morning hours of June 20th researching claims of paranormal activity within the McKinney Performing Arts Center. This historic site, once the McKinney Courthouse, is steeped in a violent history of court room drama, emotional turmoil and on-site hangings. It was Texpart’s intention to use new methods and techniques with the hope of stirring up new voices and responses for this year investigation.

Texpart investigators gathered many types of evidence from this various areas including interesting Electronic Voice Phenomenon, personal experiences and possibly some interesting footage caught while filming the mock trail.

The Investigation

The Texpart team arrived at the location at approximately 8:00 p.m. and began unloading equipment to the third floor level. Set up of the equipment was accomplished floor by floor for this year. After set-up, teams were organized and briefed and the investigation began at 10:15. Teams then took a break every hour on the hour in a designated area in the basement to allow the cameras and recording equipment quiet times with no human interference. After the break, teams rotated floors to maximize coverage and paranormal occurrence verification. MPAC Director, David Taylor, was present and spent time investigating with each team. Approximately an hour was called at the midnight hour to perform a mock trial of the Candee Montgomery trial. This was done to stir up any residual energy in that area.

Texpart believes in thorough investigation of paranormal claims. We believe that paranormal activity cannot be defined as just spirit or ghost activity but instead that it has a broader spectrum “out of the box” type of definition. There is no definitive way to investigate the paranormal. The phenomenon itself comes and goes as it pleases and very rarely performs on command. It can be a regular occurrence or occasional and can be a frustrating subject with regards to photographic or concrete type evidence. For these reasons, Texpart chooses to use many methods for researching our sites. We employ scientific research and scientific methods as well as more unconventional methods in order to achieve the best results possible. 3 teams of 4 persons were used during this investigation. All teams had a psychic or a sensitive to maximize gathering spirit information. Each team also had an archivist to record occurrences, an evp/evidence collector a person or persons to watch the monitors for paranormal activity. It is our opinion that this site was more than amply covered once again this year.

Several very interesting EVPS were collected and some interesting video footage is currently being reviewed.  At one point investigators in the balcony area of the grand theatre involved in filming the mock trail session heard a phone ringing somewhere near that area.  After the ringing persisted, the investigators traced the ringing phone to one of the small rooms on that floor.  The investigators found that very same phone to be a display landline phone with no cord connecting it to any source. How this incident occurred could not be explained.  The ringing of the phone was recorded while filming the mock trail.

McKinney Magic Shop- July 17, 2010 Investigation 1

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This is a location that is steeped in dark history and series of unfortunate events.  Well reputed as a haunted location because of the Mississippi building disaster in the 19th century. Texpart had the opportunity to investigate this site in July and will do an independent follow-up of this site in the weeks to come.

Texpart would like to thank the owners of the Magic Shop, its employees and all those involved for a wonderful investigation of this very unique experience!!  


 INVESTIGATION No. 1  July 17, 2010

The Texpart Team arrived on site at 8:15pm.  Introductions were made and while forms were being signed, the team made their set-up plans.  Set up began  at approximately 8:45 and was completed by 9:45.  The team then configured the teams and three teams were formed.  Michael M, Jet R and guest investigator Mike set off to the second floor to do EVP sessions on the empty second floor area.  A trap camera, floor alarms, Sony night vision and a stationary recorder were set up in this form.  The night vision goggles, Kodak easy share digital camera and an Olympus voice recorder was worn on Jet's person.  An Evp session and investigation was performed on this floor for an hour where shadows were witnessed and unexplained noises were heard in this area.  The area was then left empty to record in quiet. The challenges on this floor were squawking fire alarms, shadows from multiple windows made by passing cars and limited street noises.

Julie K led the first EVP session in the theatre area.  Present were several guests, Eric- a magic shop employee.  Julie dedicated the EVP session to the victims lost when the Missippi building collapsed causing a chain reaction on that block back in the late 19th century. This team felt that they got good results from this and the effects that resulted from this were recorded on an DVR system, hand held recorders and experienced in particular by Eric who was a skeptic until that night.

Scott led the last group.  This group included shop owners Chris and Jennifer, and their son, Mike- Texpart guest investigator and JJ Texpart Founder and manager. 

The last hour was used to perform a EVP session/ mock seance session.  This was done to see how the responses and evidence collect might change during that time.  During this last hour several persons experienced the sound of someone walking the floor on the main level.  It is interesting to note that the sound made sounded like someone walking on board flooring (the main level is entirely concrete floor) and all persons locked in the building were present for the last hour of EVP session- no one was on the first floor.

Evidence will be posted as it is discovered.


The Catfish Plantation- June 26, 2010

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 Texpart took a trip to Waxahachie, Texas in 2008 while the Travel Channel was filming its segment for it's haunted restraunts. We immediately were intrigued with this site.  After some time, we joined a fellow paranormal group for this investigation/tour.   This was a well presented investigation sponsored by our friends, Fort Worth Paranormal.  The Plantation and the FWP did a wonderful job presenting the group 20 or so people with the details about the specters said to haunt this establishment and also in giving the group a sample of the Plantations fine food and hospitality.  As an experienced group, we had the privilege of investigating this establishment on our own and we were allowed to conduct the investigation as we would normally.  This made for some interesting personal experiences and the opportunity to try to collect evidence of our own.  Texpart would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make our group feel welcome and to all for a really great time!!



Plano Ghost Tour (Dallas Morning News) Prep

Texpart was invited to attend the first Dallas Metro Ghost Tours with Chris Coates of Dallas Morning News.  Texpart toured haunted hot spots and gathered information for our future investigations of these historic sites.  Many interesting businesses were included.  These included the Plano Center for Art, Carpenter House B&B, Plano Masonic Lodge and the Plano Railroad depot.


The Carpenter House 8-23-10


 Saturday, August 21, 2010, 8 TEXPART team members were honored to be the first team to investigate this gorgeous home.  Owners Pat and Stan Black asked Texpart to come and investigate this historic home of Plano.  Used to entertain many in the late 1800s into the better part of the mid- 1900s and now used as a B&B and host to weddings and celebrations, this home has been the hub of activity in the area.  The owners of the home report that this home houses more than just the living.  Claims varied from ghostly laughter, children running and playing in the upper halls. disembodied footsteps, a spectral man in a black suit seen from the corner of the eye, ghostly music from a piano no longer in the home, toilets that flush by them selves, footsteps on the stairs and halls heard by friends in the home and a host of other activities reported by friends, relatives and persons who know the old home from personal experiences.

Texpart arrived at the location at 7 pm.  We wanted to perform this invesigation as measurably scientific as possible with the hope of getting more quantifiable evidence in the end.  The team did an outstanding job of covering this home and the results were interesting.  Footsteps were heard on the stairs with no physical being on the staircase, disembodied childrens laughter was heard in the upstairs room by many of the investigators, shadow figures were seen and the toilet did flush itself.  The team is currently reviewing evidence and it will posted as we are able to prove (or disprove) it. 

The TEXPART team gives a big thanks to the owners of this home and especially to Pat who allowed several members to spend the night and not only experience her wonderful B&B hospitality- but also a few of the unseen hosts as well.

We would like to stress that we HIGHLY recommend this location for any event. The atmosphere is beautiful, grand and romantic!  All investigators reported feeling comfortable with their experiences and found nothing threatening or frightening in nature.  This was a wonderful experience!!

More will posted as reviewed.





Morning Star Treasures September 4, 2010


Landon's Winery September 4, 2010



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