Haltom City Investigation

May 10, 2008 Investigation

Haltom City, Texas

On Saturday, May 10, 2008, Texpart team members, J.J., Jet (Andrew), Mana and Rose and NTGT members Art, Randall, Beverly and Kelly took an hour drive to Haltom City, Texas to investigate the claims of paranormal activity by a homeowner.

The homeowner contacted TAPS and the email was then forwarded to IPART from Iowa who then forwarded to Texas based TEXPART.

On April 25, 2008, TEXPART leader contacted homeowner T.M. to briefly interview her about her paranormal problems and obtain some possible goals for the teams. 


Homeowner and two children ages 6 and 7 years of age reside in a home built in 1949.  The home was obtained by homeowner’s grandparents in the early 50s and the family has resided in the home since that date.   To the date of the interview the home had not been blessed by any clergy or holy person.  The home was added on to by grandparents.  While gardening, owner’s grandmother unearthed part of a tombstone in the yard.  Because of the history of the area and the close proximity of a fort, it is very possible that there are persons buried in the area of the home.  Six blocks away, there is a historic pauper cemetery.

Owner claimed that paranormal occurrences have occurred since her mother lived in home and included doors closing on their own, a ghost like vision appearing to owner and scaring children, whispers, orbs, talking, things disappearing and reappearing elsewhere, cold spots & owner being held down while napping on the couch in the living room.

Owner was remodeling home during investigation and had added a rear addition and 3/4 bath as well.  An older mobile home was parked in the large back yard and is currently inhabited by one of owner’s friends.  A relative died in that trailer.

Owner also admits to using Tarot Cards in the home as part of her vocation.  Homeowner is friendly and candid and earnestly seems to be seeking a resolution to her problems.  It was noted by NTGT members Art and Randall that the home was listed as currently for sale.  Homeowners did confirm that she wished to sell the home and move to a better neighborhood.

Members of TEXPART and NTGT did a preliminary visitation of the site to get a general layout and feel for the situation.


8:00-Teams TEXPART and NTGT arrived in Haltom City and as previously decided headed for the pauper cemetery indicated by homeowner.  The cemetery is a historic preservation site where people of inadequate resources were/are allowed to bury their deceased.  There were very old tombs in some tangled brush areas dating from the early to mid-1800s.  Many markers where in disrepair and nearly unreadable.  While not a large cemetery, it is well spread out and people from all eras are buried everywhere.  Team members JJ, Jet and Mana saw a large glowing ball which disappeared near a gravesite.  However, nothing unusual was caught on film or recorder in this cemetery.

9:30-The Teams assembled at the investigation site and set up for the investigation.

NTGT Art and Randall set up 4 channel monitor in dining room area off of the open living room area.  IR cams were placed in the dining room looking into the living room, one on a table in the dining area looking into the kitchen area, one was placed in the entry hall facing towards the door and the 4th IR cam was placed in the master bedroom facing bedroom door that owners stated she sees a shadow figure peering in and the door that was shut on her when she exited her room.

TEXPART members did a property walkthrough and took photos of the area to check for anomalies.  Camcorders were set up in the front bedroom where owners daughter heard her name called and where a presence had been felt (note that this was her grandmothers sewing/art room.  Another camcorder was placed on the mantel in the living room to get a cross picture of that area since it is said to be very active.  The teams divided into twos and took rooms for 45 minute increments in order to make observations of said areas.  It is important to note that the owner is a single mother and that since her mother had to work the night of the investigation, owner’s small children were home that night.  Owners sister kept them entertained in the master bedroom with movies on the TV in that room.  Owner was also present for the investigation.

11:30- Lights out was called and the investigation was started.

12:45am the door to the client’s room swung open, back slightly and then opened fully on the 4 channel monitor.  The client’s sister watched it as it happened as did those watching the monitor. (Note that the front door to the house at the beginning of the hall area in front of that room had been opened.  At one point, because of the bugs, the door was closed.  Unfortunately, it was noted when, specifically the door was closed so the possibility that air pressure from the open door in the hall could not be ruled out as a very likely cause for the doors movement.) However, it should be noted that this exact movement is one of the complaints made by the client and that NTGT Art and Randall did try to debunk the doors movement by testing the latch, the swing of the door as it opens and the ease/difficulty with which the door opens after it is unlatched. The door does not unlatch easily, shuts solidly and swings with help- not easily of its own accord.  If the front door was closed at the time of this occurence-this could very well have been a paranormal occurence.

1:45am- teams switching room.  NTGT team Beverly/Kelly and TEXPART Mana/Drew noted that they could not stand to sit in the spare bedroom with the large stuffed moving toy horse.  Feeling of nausea and dread caused both these teams to refuse to stay in the room.  It was noted that the large mechanical horse in the room (which was turned completely off) moved the position of its head at some point and was looking a different direction then when the investigation began. To prove the horse was not activated in some way, the client had to manually push a switch and clap her hands to get it to respond.  It is unknown how the head moved without being turn on as it stays frozen in one position and isn’t very flexible until turned on.

It was also noted that this was the clients mothers room when she was a child and it her mother explained during the preliminary walk-through that she often saw things in the room.  The floor in that room is not even.  It does slope some towards the door.  This may explain the nausea to some degree.

2:50 am-The third notable event of the night was that the team watching the monitors (including the client) saw a large sparkling orb that dropped down in from of TEXPART J.J. as she sat on the couch in the living room.  JJ had just asked thin air if it wanted a potato chip and that is when a large sparkling orb came out of the ceiling, appeared in from of JJ, disappeared and the reappeared before it disappeared from the monitors completely.   Neither JJ nor anyone else in the area was able to see this anomaly with their plain sight, and no bugs were noticed at that time.  The anomaly appeared only on the monitor.

3:00 the investigation was called.

The Analysis:

While there were many personal experiences and some definitely odd occurrences in this home, there were no notable photos, beyond orbs and nothing actually captured on camcorder or IR.  Review of the recordings from the DVR showed nothing unusual beyond the door which could be debunked due to incomplete closure and an open front door, and the sparkling orb never showed up in the recordings.  Because of the lack of physical evidence other than a few class b, c EVPs, we must find this investigation inconclusive at this time.  This is not to say that we do not believe there is paranormal activity at this location, it only means that we do not have the factual evidence at this time to deem that this location is haunted through concrete evidence.


JJ did contact the client several weeks after the investigation.  Client stated that the activity had taken a turn for the worse and had caused her to hear something tell her that she was going to die.  This scared the client very much.  I offered further services, but the client declined saying that she did not want to further agitate whatever was in her home.  She stated that there were some church women who volunteered to come to the house and do a blessing.  I wished her well, and told her to call if she needed anything further.



Hill House Investigation No. 1

This investigation was lead and conducted by North Texas Ghost Trackers (NTGT)with Texpart as investigators.  No report was officially filed by Texpart at this time but reserved for a later date.

Pampa Texas Investigation 1

June 28-29, 2008

Pampa residence Investigation                  

Pampa, Texas

On Saturday, June 28, 2008, Texpart team members, J.J., Jet (Andrew), drove 6.5 hours to Pampa, Texas to investigate the claims of paranormal activity by a homeowner.

The homeowner claimed that his home was haunted and claimed activity anywhere from hitting, biting and talking to apparitions, orbs, whispers and moving of objects.  He told team leader, JJ, that the activity was causing lost sleep, affecting his wife and grandchildren and he stated that he needed something done.  He could not take it anymore.


The home was constructed in 1972.  The residence is a pleasant looking 3600 square foot, brick, and one story home with a unique U-shape to it.  The client stated upon initial interview that he had been having paranormal activity for approximately 7 months prior to out contact.  He said that he has lived in the home over 6 years.  He went on to say that everything was fine until he was attacked by a violent entity at work.  He feels that it followed him home and has caused any dormant spirits to wake up.  He sent his request for help to many groups who either declined or for whatever reason cancelled.  He finally located a group, TPRS that did come and do an investigation.  The results were astonishing according to team member Paul Stewart.  Investigator Stewart sited events such as seeing an apparition of a little girl, hearing talking and voices and reported that after one of his team members provoked, Robbie was slammed into the wall and knocked down by an unseen force.  He reported that the events that occurred that night were so intense that many from that group quit and the group later disbanded.  The client reports that he believes that there are as many as 8 different entities in his home including an Indian, little girl, an older man named Benjamin Alexander and an old woman in pioneer dress.

Investigation.  He believes that due to that intense Indian fighting in that area combined with the fact that there was a POW camp at Pampa during the war that this is part of the reason for so many restless spirits. ( see attached Intake form below)

7:45-Team TEXPART arrived in the Pampa area and promptly checked into a local hotel, purchased extra batteries and equipment at the neighboring Wal-Mart and ate supper.   

9:20- woman’s laugh heard

9:30-The Team assembled at the investigation site and took a brief tour of the home, viewed previous paranormal footage and hot spot areas.  Voice recorders were set and turned on.

10:20- Team members and owner set up equipment.  A work site for monitoring was set up in the dining area near kitchen and "cat room".  Camcorders were set up in the hall (hall #1) facing the "bad room", another was set up in the master bath where shadows come out and a apparition was seen by client, and another camcorder was set up in the living room area where a recliner is reported to rock on its own and apparitions have been seen sitting on couch.

A web cam was set up in dining area and run to the laptop to monitor the main hall which lead to the front door, faced the camcorder on hall #1 and had a good view of the entrance to the living room and master bedroom areas where shadows and apparitions were seen.  Another web cam was set up on desk in master bedroom facing active area behind Hall #1 camcorder in view of master bathroom.  Voice recorders were placed in Hall #1, living room, cat room, master bath and were also carried by investigators.  Investigators also carried digital cameras, 35mm cameras and kept notes as they investigated.  Controlled experiments included a toy bunny taped in the hall that is said to be moved often, four coin experiment in master bath where things are moved, and a music box said to agitate that "bad" spirit. Since there were 6 persons present, teams were divided into twos.

11:00 Lights Out called

11:02- a voice was heard in the hall-

11:26- something white and misty went by camcorder-(being observed by another party on web from master bedroom)

11:27- whistling heard by all

11:37-40- Moving shadows seen in main hall by investigators in control area-unable to recreate shadows


12:20- Something white and visibly misty looking floating in front of web cam on laptop in control area.  Witnessed by Andrew, Tyler and Client, Dan.

1:00- Client Dan and Texpart investigator Mana went to spend quiet time in the bad room.

1:30- Client Virginia, Texpart team members JJ and Mana went to spend time in the bad room.  No results and nothing unusual happened while in this room.

1:47- Something floating by lamp in main hall reported by Andrew and witnessed by those in control area.

2:00- Texpart members Mana, Andrew and clients grandson went to bad room to collect evidence.  Clients Dan and Virginia stayed in the control area with monitors.   

2:30-The team could be heard talking loudly from the bad room and shortly thereafter all in control area heard a man's voice (which seemed to have come from Hall#1) that said loudly and clearly "get out".  It was again repeated itself after the teams voices again were heard.  Nothing happened as reported by team in room out of the ordinary but team in control area definitely heard audible voice. This was captured in Texpart #3 RCA voice recorder at 30:42.

3:30- Team moved outside to observe swing that client claimed that moved of its own accord often.  It was VERY still that morning and there was absolutely no wind or breeze!!!  This is the most unusual occurence observed.  The swing was swing when we got outside.  All members and clients were outside at the time.  The swing had an indentation on one side as though someone were sitting in the seat.  It was even colder around the swing then a few steps back.  Dan stated that we needed more proof that this was not the wind and asked the entity to swing more.  The swing complied by swing more heavily.  He then told it to stop.  IT DID!! In mid swing- it just stopped as though someone put there feet down and brought it to a screeching halt.  The indent then left the seat cushion.   The client then sat down on the swing, and pulled his feet up off the ground, and put his hands at his sides.  As he sat in the still swing, he asked the entity to prove it further by pushing the swing from side to side rather than the typical back and forth motion.  After a few second, slowly at first then harder, the swing shook back and forth.  As we watched the client, who was still himself, the swing just stopped and a cold breeze could be felt rush by everyone towards the house.  As we watched the front door, half expecting it to swing open, the vertical blinds in the large window next to the door parted.  I looked at the client and said that it was probably the cat as they had a cat in the house.  As if in answer the blinds parted on the complete opposite side as though another hand pushed them aside the light in the hall was completely blocked out by something very black and large and then it just stopped.   

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4:00 am-Team Texpart called the investigation. Not much reportable activity after what was observed in the driveway in front of the home.

June 28-29, 2008

Pampa residence Investigation

Pampa, Texas

On Sunday, June 29, 2008

Investigation Day 2.

2:00pm-Team arrived at location to do a daytime investigation.     

3:30 pm-The Team reviews previous evidence gathered with client to give a general overview of case analysis to date.

7:00pm- Team members Jet and Mana did a general walk through of the home and check the set up of the equipment.

Interviews were conducted with the client’s grandsons, Tyler and Christopher.

9:00pm- Investigation called and team headed for home.

Clients present for investigation were Dan, Virginia Christopher and Tyler.

Interview of Client's Grandson, Tyler:

Tyler stays at his grandparents overnight occasionally.  He stated that when he sleeps on the couch something likes to "mess" with him.  Recently he was sleeping on the couch and felt as though someone was holding him down.  He has also sees people and has seen shadows looking at him.

Interview of Clients Grandson Christopher:

Christopher is the client’s 18 year old grandson, Tyler's brother.  Christopher has been helping his grandfather investigate his home lately.  He has had many experiences when staying at the residence.  He said that he first noticed it when he and a friend were looking at pictures.  He felt someone blow in his ear and heard someone ask him "who are you?"  He also stated that he and his sister- where in the bad room. His sister took a picture as he saw a heavy mist appear and then it moved into the closet.  He said that one day he followed the Dan to the bad room and watched as something literally pulled the back of his shirt as if to pull him back and keep him out if that room.  Christopher said it looked just like if he had gone behind Dan and pulled the back of his shirt straight back.  He has heard voices and tapping in response to questions asked and he said the weirdest thing he ever experienced was when he was out in the driveway.  He stated that it appeared as if someone was walking away from him towards the street in the yard- but all he could see was a pair of legs and feet- no body.  This statement coincided with the claims of the client that he often sees the apparitions of body parts moving along with no body.   

4:00-9:00pm- The team did not experience much for activity today.  We did go through the bulk of the video taken the night before with no definite results on camcorder. Photos do not appear to yield anything striking either.  However- the EVPS in the home are amazing and abundant.  Many of the EVPs were intelligent responses to questions.  The question of who was present was asked and the names Tom, a woman with a very pretty Spanish Indian sound answered with her name, a child answered but wasn’t clear and investigator Mana picked up on the name Benjamin Alexander- a figure already established by the client in the history of the area.

The Analysis.

No definite conclusions can be made at this time, until the miles of evidence gathered is reviews-however, as stated previously, based on evidence obtained up to this point, the Team fully believes that the clients have some paranormal activity in their home that needs further investigation.  I do believe that most of the activity going on in this location is a poltergeist activity and should be re-evaluated as such in the near future.   A lot of evidence is matrixes from wood grains used in the home.  There have been occasions where strange pictures and shadows have been photographed in this home.  We did not have such luck with our photos during our investigations.  We did, however, hear audible and intelligent voices from no where.  We also witnessed the blinds move of their own accord with a very dark, large shadow behind it.  We were unable to debunk these things.


Hill House Manor investigation No .2

September 21, 2008



McKinney Investigation Site No. 1

An preliminary investigation was held at a local McKinney business for the purpose of collecting evidence of claims of paranormal activity at this site.  No physical evidence was found but reports by the owner of a negative feeling and clients avoiding certain ares of the business were a cause of concern and stress.

X-Team Leader, Scott, did assist the owner in eliminating or reducing her concerns.

This location had been the site of several different banks in the past 100 years.  Texpart did perform research hoping to find confirmation that the bank had been robbed and that deaths had occurred at that location as was rumored.  We did not find anything much to confirm this.  Several EVPS were obtained and a clearing was performed to help reduce the negative energy in the areas of concern.  This procedure had to be repeated a shot time later but seems to have helped according to the client.

McKinney Investigation Site No. 2

November 1, 2008

Investigation Report for:

McKinney, Texas 75069

Time of Arrival:  8:45 PM Start Time:  9:00 PM

Departed: 2:08AM

Weather Conditions:  Fair

Temperature:  60 F  DewPoint:  57 F Humidity:  90%

Visibility: 10.0 mi

Pressure:  30.19” steady  UV Index:  0 Low  Wind:  SSE 5 mph  Moon:  Waxing Crescent

On Saturday, November 1, 2008, Texpart team members, J.J., Jet (Andrew), Aaron, Rosie, Sylvia, Annette, Bev, Ty and Scott drove to McKinney, Texas to investigate the claims of paranormal activity by a business owner.  Owner, two reporters for McKinney Living Magazine and a friend of the owner were also present for the investigation.  

The business owner had stated that she was having paranormal experiences and Texpart contacted her to see if she would allow us to investigate.  Texpart members, Mana, Jet, JJ, Scott and Annette met the business owner while having lunch at her business October 13, 2008.  We experienced several paranormal activities such as being touched and sensing energy around us.  While Jet was in the restroom washing his hands he felt his shirt pulled on.  Toward the end of lunch we met with Cyndy Long the owner of the shop who told us a little of the history of the property and a few stories of ghosts.  Scott had his dowsing rods with him and made contact with a woman in spirit later identified as a previous owner named Faye Bass.  Also a boy in spirit to be about 7 years old named Christopher who claimed to be waiting for his mother.  Neither of the spirits believed that they were dead.    


This is an old site that has a history of being many different businesses such as an antique store, various places to eat, and a private residence.  Within the proximity of the site is where the only train depot for the railroad was located near the east of the building. Additionally there was a saloon located just behind the shop that Frank James was arrested in and a reported haunted business to the west where a man was bludgeoned to death.  There is a very large cell tower directly north and behind the business which is known to cause high EMFs in the area.

The business owner reported that she and her employees as well as family members and clientele have experienced many types of phenomenon.  This included figurines moving around while the business was closed during the night, the flame on the stove being adjusted with no one in the area, an apparition of an old woman in the hall, baskets that move, a vortex in the gift shop area, whispers and names called.  She also stated that various clientele had commented on feeling like someone had tugged on their shirt, their small children seeing another child or an old woman and talking to them when no one was, in fact, there.


8:45 - TEXPART team started arriving

9:30 -The Teams assembled at the investigation site and set up for the investigation.  Temperature readings were taken at 9:30 pm.  Temperature throughout the business appeared steady, about 76 degrees.  Air condition temperatures did bring cool air into some areas, and it is apparent that there are two AC units, with the east side unit giving much colder air.  No unusually temperature readings were noted during the investigation.   

An initial EMF base reading was taken at around 9:30 pm.  Most of the business had a steady .5 reading through out, with the kitchen being higher from 1.0 to 1.5 due to the refrigeration units.  No unusual EMF fields were noted throughout the night.  During the initial EMF base reading, one investigator noted fluxations with a Gauss meter at the sight of a believed vortex, but when side to side with two other EMF detectors, the other detectors did not note any irregularity.  A suggestion was made to change the battery in the Gauss meter.  

Equipment used by Investigators: FOUR Olympus WS-110 voice recorders (one was used for live listening), Omega HH501AT Thermocouple type T thermometer, Cen-tech laser IR thermometer, Kodak EasyShare C653 camera, “The Ghost Meter” EMF detector, Sony ICD-B600 IC recorder, JVC Everio 5 Megapixel Hard disk camcorder / camera, dousing rods, Kodak EasyShare CX7430 camera, Cannon Rebel camera and a parabolic attached to an Olympus voice recorder was used in the kitchen area.

Controls used by Investigators: JVC Camcorder was set to record small glass figurines that were claimed to move in the window sill and two small cars were added with an electronic toy with buttons.  The cars were set on piece of paper were the positions of the car were marked to note any movement.  No movement of any object was noted.  Sony night vision camcorder was set up facing the baskets that moved in the gift shop area, a JVC camcorder was set up in the grey room where feather boas were set up on a table to check for movements and several other DVRs and personal cameras were used by investigators assigned to specific areas for set time periods. A web cam was set up in front of the bowl filled with salt to watch for movement, shadows and a source of the marks that kept appearing in the salt.  Two badminton birds were placed on a table to check for movement as well.  Teams rotated three times to different rooms during the investigation.

One WS-110 recorder was used to record live with the use of headphones throughout the investigation.  This is done so if any possible EVPS are heard live, then immediate response can be taken to validate or debunk the EVP.  The investigator was unable to hear any live EVPs during the investigation due to amount of external noise in area.

The preliminary investigation started off with team members taking pictures of every room at this location in order to establish a baseline for later comparison.  There were no paranormal activities captured on film.  


10:30 - Lights out called and the investigation started.     

11:45 -12:00 Gift Shop.  Ty and Beverly made attempts to verbally communicate with the ghosts in area. They also requested them to move baskets.  No results.  Ty sense the energy of a female standing behind him.  Beverly also felt the energy.

12:45 - Ty, Rosie, Scott, Beverly and Sylvia went outside to look into the area on the east wall of the gift shop.   Entities have been reported traveling through that area and the investigators performed a routine inspection of the outer perimeter of the building with pictures taken along the way. This includes the front of building, the east side and the side that the Elm Saloon is located.  During the walk around the perimeter of the building the investigators noted a large Cell phone Tower within 30 yards of Alice Tea Shoppe. A cell phone tower uses RF (radiation) energy for communications services. An RF waves is a form of electromagnetic energy and can have an adverse affect on the polarity of energy flow within a vortex.  

12:58 -Teams switched rooms.  Team of Rosie and Scott moved to the gift shop. Scott felt chest pains and a pain in his brow.  Both investigators felt the sensation of being touched by an entity.  At one point something left the room which set off Scott’s motion sensor that was set up outside the room. 

During this time while observing the web cam in the front room, a shadow was noted near the front window.  Marks then appeared in the salt.  An investigator rearranged the salt by shaking it and then smoothing it out to see if the event would be duplicated by the entity.  Nothing of interest was captured on either the web cam or the Sony camcorder that was setup on the table to record that area.

Annette, TY and JJ were in the grey room when Annette commented that she thought that she could see a ghost cat jump off one of the tables and sat in a chair in front of her.  JJ commented that she couldn’t see anything but that she could clearly hear the cat purring.  Ty, JJ and Annette took many pictures but nothing of interest was captured in the pictures.  The EVPs from that room were contaminated by the noise of a train and many cars traveling down the street outside.

1:30 - The investigation was called.  

The Analysis (per JJ)

While there were many personal experiences, there were no notable photos, beyond the photo of the checkout counter and nothing actually captured on camcorder or IR.  Review of the digital voice recorders revealed the voices of both a child, a woman’s and possibly a male voice.  The child’s' voice was most interesting because it was loud, normal for a youth 5-7 years of age, clear and in response to questions asked directly before the answers.   Please note that the youngest "children" in the area were our two junior investigators aged 15.  Both of these young men have very deep voices and could not have been the responsible for the voice heard answering the questions.  Other interesting occurrences were small fingerprints that kept appearing in a dish filled with salt.  One of our investigators reported feeling a small child give her a hug and lean in her lap and others heard whispers, felt presences and heard sobbing.  The EVPs obtained from this location were excellent in quality and one pic (see attached) taken by Scott M. shows a mist or trail of light above the checkout counter...however due to other possible sources of refractory light, this picture could possibly be explained away.   With no other pictures or camcorder evidence, I have to say that our physical evidence is inconclusive at this time.  However, my personal feeling based on experiences both I had as well as those relayed to me from my team and given the intelligence and clarity of the EVPs we recorded I would have to say that there is paranormal activity at this location.  

Additional Comments and Recommendations per Scott M.

Ley lines: are cosmic forces originating outside of the earth.  They penetrate and exit the earth vertically at nodes.  The penetrating nodes are called power centers or vortexes.

The ley-line system exists as an independent circuitry with the capacity to affect consciousness.  Ley lines are a part of the earth’s energy system.

A person who sits or lies over a ley line for an extended period of time will tend to be hyperactive. This can work to the advantage in healing or in situations where extra energy is useful as in meditation.

Here are some comments from people standing over a ley line:

    * “Energizing, White/fuzziness.”
    * “Light, see a glowing line that goes in the direction of flow.”
    * “Began to feel like I was weaving.”
    * “Faint smooth energy.”

Some claim that this alleged energy is connected to changes to magnetic fields.  

There are two types of energy vortexes: Positive vortexes expand and perpetuate energy, while negative vortexes dissipate energy. When a vortex attains a balance of energy a vortex may evolve into a portal.  A portal is a door between the infinite and finite. Vortexes are like a magnet in the sense that one end is positive and the other negative.

Positive chaotic energies are especially powerful in their potentials. The walls between worlds are thinnest and inter-dimensional travel is easy.

Negative energy vortexes are different from sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies. The function of the negative vortex is to pull energy in, while the positive vortex spins energy out. Sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies can occur internal to either the positive or negative polarity of a vortex.  

Vortex Healing

Damaged energy vortexes can be sensed as an area where something doesn't feel quite right and can cause feelings of discomfort for individuals who are very sensitive to Earth energies.  Dowsing to understand the nature of negative energies on someone’s property can lead to some surprising insights. There is often some energy imbalance that has been perpetrated by the unwitting interference of some human process.  

I FEEL THAT THE CELL PHONE TOWER HAS CREATED AN IMBALANCE OF ENERGY TO THE VORTEX AND NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED.  The fact that so many spirits claim to be trapped at the location suggests that if the portal is open then it is traveling in only one direction (negative).  

Special Note: that the last client in which we did a vortex cleansing was a home that became psychic charged and an ideal place to conduct spirit communications from the other side.  


   1. Vortex Repair/Cleansing.
   2. Clear any spirits.


Fort Worth Inn Investigation of Miss Molly's Hotel B & B

November 19, 2008

 Investigation Report

November 19, 2008

Location of Investigation: Miss Molly's Hotel B&B, 109 1/2 Exchange Avenue, Suite 200, Fort Worth, Texas 76106

Time of Day Arrived: 5:00 PM Start Time: 8:00 PM Departed: 12:38AM

Weather Conditions: Fair

Temperature: 67 F Humidity: 87%

On Wednesday, November 19, 2008, Texpart team members, J.J., Annette, Rosie, Ty, Scott and guest investigators Matt, Jimmy and Chris drove to Fort Worth, Texas to investigate the claims of paranormal activity. Miss Molly's Inn Keeper was also present for most of the investigation.

This location had been previously screened by TY and Chris. According to the website, evidence of paranormal activity existed. Texpart contacted her to see if she would allow us to investigate. The owner stated that while she had had no experiences that she couldn't explain, many others including other investigating teams, guests and her Inn keeper had been having paranormal experiences. Wednesday the 19th was set up for our investigation.

Background. (per web page and general info)

Located in the middle of the National Historic District at the Fort Worth Stockyards, Miss Molly's is the oldest Bed and Breakfast in Fort Worth. Established as a boarding house in 1910 and called the Palace Rooms, it went through the prohibition period being called The Oasis and later as a Bordello in the 1940s when it was called the Gayatte Hotel. Miss Molly's is just old enough to have caught a glimpse of the Wild West and all of the time period of America's speak-easy and bordello days. The eight themed rooms in the hotel all share stories of paranormal activity, with the Cattlemen's and Cowboy rooms having some of the more famous sightings of apparitions. Visitations have also occurred in the current owner's private rooms number eight and nine of a young girl, who is considered a former tenant of the hotel. Most of the sightings have involved the former working girls from the hotel's days as a bordello.

The phenomena at Miss Molly's includes full bodied apparitions,unexplained scents, items disappearing and reappearing, toilets flushing on their own, lights turning on and off, cold spots, unlocked doors refusing to open, and a variety of unidentified but entertaining sounds. According to the current owner, one housekeeper quit because she kept finding coins in rooms even though there had been no guests in that room and she had just finished cleaning only to return and find the coins where she had just cleaned.

Miss Molly's has been visited by a number of paranormal investigation groups and is listed with Texas Christian University's paranormal activity class, which makes regular visits to record the phenomena. Miss Molly's is considered one of the most haunted properties in Fort Worth and one of the most active paranormal sites in Texas.


Equipment and controls used.

6:30-The Teams assembled at the investigation site and set up for the investigation.

Equipment used by Investigators: Three Olympus WS-110 voice recorders, Omega HH501AT Thermocouple type T thermometer, Cen-tech laser IR thermometer, Kodak EasyShare C653 camera, “The Ghost Meter” EMF detector, Sony ICD-B600 IC recorder, JVC Everio 5 Megapixel Hard disk camcorder / camera, electromagnet created with 12v-7.5a battery with wired wrapped a railroad spike. Canon PowerShot A630 Camera, Kodak EasyShare CX 7430 camera, Cannon Rebel camera, Sony IC Recorder MP3 with external mic, Olympus VN-4100PC DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-100 DVR with external mic. Lorex DVR system with 4 Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor color cameras, Canon PowerShot A630 Camera, Sony IC Recorder MP3 with external mic, Olympus VN-4100PC DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-100 DVR with external mic. Lorex DVR system with 4 Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor color cameras.

Controls used by Investigators: JVC Camcorder was set in room three facing door, with door closed. Two red glow sticks were placed on other end of room, with one chest high on a picture frame, and one waist high at the end of the bed. A light-up motion detector was set on the floor. This set-up was designed to capture any movement within the room.

Sony HandyCam was set up in area by door to capture activity near bed area in Miss Josie's room.

Before the start of the investigation pictures were taken of all the rooms for a baseline. A few of the rooms were designated as controlled rooms. While investigating in teams of two we carried our digital cameras at all times and carried a flashlight in case it was needed.

Upon entering a room the first thing we both did was take a series of pictures. Once finished I would try to connect with any spirits and communicate with them intuitively and visually with dowsing rods. One DVR was carried by Scott at all times and setup one in room # 4 and one in room # 2 since they were reported as the most active rooms. Ty had set up two motion sensors with one in room #2 and one in Room #3. This was the first investigation that we used the new 4 camera DVR system.

Voice recorders used by different team members were assigned to each housing room, for a total of all 8 sleeping rooms. Rooms 1, 4 and 7 were reported to be the most active by the inn keeper, and recorders were also set with headphones in these three rooms so that investigators were able to listen live.

IR cameras were placed in the three most active rooms, 1, 4 and 7. Reports on the internet reports apparitions being spotted in rooms 2 and 4, so a IR camera was also set in room 4. Scott used dowsing rods to confirm that room 2 would be good place to set up the fourth camera, with dowsing rods giving range of active area in the room. Room 2 was also set up with a motion detector on the floor.

Rooms were kept closed for control purposes, and shades and shutters were pulled down. The angle from the road provided situation in which there would also be little exposure from ongoing traffic.

Room one was reported to be the most active room by the innkeeper, so an home made electromagnet was set up in this room with the intentions of creating a small EMF field for entities to draw energy from.

Information pertaining to your investigation:

Temperature and EMFs readings were taken by Jimmy and Chris in each of the rooms, and all records recorded. Initial pictures were also being taken. During this pre-investigation data recording, investigators were having difficulty with severe power drainage to equipment, something that would continue to occur throughout the night.

Unusual EMF readings were taken during and throughout the investigation. Many areas of the building had high EMFs, and often these EMFs were not steady. Due to the age of the building, old wiring is the biggest contributing factor. Two rooms with unusual EMF readings were rooms 1 and 7. Often EMF field were very spacious and could not be traced to a single source. During early parts of investigation, there was a vibrating in the floor coming from some type of equipment on the first floor (around room 1 included). It is likely that this and other equipment on the first floor may add the high EMFs.

Temperature readings were taken at 9:30 pm. Temperature throughout the business appeared steady, about 76 degrees. No unusual temperature readings were noted during the investigation.

The Investigation.

8:00 - Lights Out.

Hour 1

Rooms 5 & 2- Scott and Rosie

Investigators Notes

Entered room 5 at 8:08 PM we encountered a female spirit who was 42 yrs of age and she believed the current year was 1946. She said she entertained men in this bedroom. This female spirit thought she was still alive. After initial connection with the spirit my hair in the back of my head was caress. At one point Rosie’s right elbow was touched. She mentioned she was upset that her daughter was not with her. She stated that her grandparents raised her daughter who is still alive and that she was there waiting for her daughter. At one point she laid down in the bed in front of us. We did not find out what her name was. We exited the room at 8:30 PM.

While we were at the command center Ty’s team exited room # 2. A few minutes later Ty tried to re-enter the room and discovered the room was now locked. He had to get the door unlocked by the inn keeper. Both Ty and I tied to prove that the door locked on it own but we could not find a logical explanation.

2. Entered room 2 at 8:45 PM. Made contact with a woman who is 27 years old. She was from the northern east coast of the United States. She knew the year was 2008. She was not honest about the room being hers or ever working there. She had 2 older sisters and that she did not live with her parents but she did miss her grandparents. Did not have a good home life and did not get along well with her mother. She was never married or have any children. She was the one that locked the door on Ty. Dared her to lock it again once they left. She claimed to not be dead but Scott felt a pain to the back of my head that felt like a blow. Connected to another woman in spirit who was 32 years old. She was very honest about being a working girl and used the room. She claimed to have worked there during the 1940’s and early part of the 50’s. . She was never married or had any children. She knew the year was 2008 and believed she was still alive. With her Scott felt numbness on the left side of his body. She stated that she was not the one that closed the door on Ty. Exited the room at 9:16 PM.

Room 7- Matt and Jimmy

Investigators reported hearing loud talking and clanking of dishes below them. Interestingly enough, they heard these noises at approximately 9:30 pm and the business below had closed at 7:00 p.m. Upon inspection, no one was left in that business to make such noises. Both investigators also reported hearing someone talking, walking around and shutting doors in room number 8 next to them. No one was ever- at any time in room number 8. It was shut off as a control room for recording.

Room 1- Annette and Chris

Chris reported having his hair touched as if fingers were run through it. He stated that he got up and looked in the mirror and noted that his hair was statically charged enough to stand up. Annette reported feeling cold in the area where she was sitting.

Monitors and control area- JJ and Ty

20:33:29-Time of incident recorded on log. JJ and Ty were watching IR monitor, when strange movement was occurring on camera. At the time it was difficult to determine of the camera was moving up and down, or if there was some type of interference in room 2. Ty entered room 2 to check on the camera. The pedestal was solid as was the camera, and jumping on the floor did not seem to make the camera move. Ty had the sense that I was being watched while I was doing this.

As Ty left the room, he felt as if he approached and walked through an “entity.” He had abrupt emotional change of surprise or shock as he walked to the door, and tingling sensation throughout his entire upper torso. As he walked out the door, JJ, Scott and Rosie all saw him exit the door and shrug up his shoulders and shiver. He stepped outside the room and slightly pulled the door too. He made a comment about his experience and grabbed an item to re-enter the room.

At 20:35:00, The room was locked from the inside and the innkeeper had unlocked the room. The innkeeper claims that this was common for doors to lock, and that is why she keeps the doors open. Ty noted that the lock is an older steel lock. A button has to be pushed up with some force in order for this to lock. Slamming the door does not make this occur. While it may be possible that overtime this button slips, it does not seem likely with amount of force needed for force this button up. Later in the evening, room 6 was also locked from the inside.

2. While watching the monitors, Ty thought he saw a black shadow in the doorway were the innkeeper has reported seeing a man twice.

3. 20:44:00-Room 4 – while watching the monitors, twice it appeared to be a strange anomaly appearing in front of the closed door. These were recorded on the log for further review.

4. 20:55:44- Cold spot reported by Chris in Room 1

5. 20:56:30- Dark shadow in front of Miss Josies bathroom inside room No. 1.

Hour 2

Monitors- Matt and Jimmy

21:05:34- Bright independent orb in room 1

21:07:30- shadow next to headboard in Room 4

21:09:35- movement in Room 7

21:10:40 something seen next to lamp in room 4

21:25;32- motion sensor went off in room 3- no one in there

21:32:00- camera jumping

21:46:55- Shadow

Room 1- Rosie and Scott

In room 1 team encountered a 38 year old female who had been married but she said she said that she was now divorced. This female was deceptive about working in the building. At one point she sat in the middle of the couch while we talked with her. She said she had 5 children 3 of them which were girls and the other two boys. The two boys were the youngest. She said that not all of her children will still living. She knew the year it was 2008. She was unaware of what had happened to her but I felt a stabbing pain in my back right under my right shoulder blade. I did not like the energy in this room. We spent a total of 22 ½ minutes in the room.

Room 4- JJ and Ty/ Ty and Chris

Ty noted: "JJ and Ty were sitting in this room. At one point I felt as if a female presence had approached where he was sitting. A few moments later, JJ stated that the presence she was feeling had moved. JJ left the room to help on monitors and sent Chris in with Ty. Chris and I sat in this room. I had a couple of my hairs that pulled out of the back of my head, as if my hair had got caught on something. Chris took several pictures. The only thing behind me was a pole to the hanger cart in the corner, but there was no way that this could have caught my hair. About two minutes later, Chris stated that he felt a slight touch go across his neck."

JJ noted: "I was sitting across the room from Ty near the door. I felt very unwelcome in that room. I also noticed that it was VERY cold in front of me. As soon as Ty told me that he was feeling something near him, I noticed that the cold had moved away and that area was now normal temperature. I was then called by Jimmy to the monitors. "

Chris then came to sit in room 4 with Ty.

Ty and Chris stated that they had an experience in room 4 and asked for Matt and Jimmy to sit in there and see if they had something happen as well. No details were exchanged just that something was experienced.

Matt and Jimmy did report hearing a female greet them with "hello" and Jimmy felt someone brush through his hair and Matt reported a touch on the cheek....the exact occurrences as reported later by Chris and Ty!

(Note that JJ and Annette both got the name of a woman in this room as Sally)

Room 7- Chris and Annette (until changed with JJ)


Hour 3

Monitors: JJ/Annette( first half)(Ty and Chris second half)

22:38:01- EMP is going off in Room 7 where Ty is.

22:54:00 -Room 1 we saw something move across the floor near the bathroom.

22:58:57- Door to room 3 opened by itself. We heard the door handle turn, the latch unlatch and saw the door open slightly. Thinking that someone was in that room Matt went to check it. No one was in that room.


Room 4-Scott and Rosie-

Scott noted "In room 4 we connected with a woman in spirit, age 44. She was never been married nor had any children. She was deceptive about working in the building or entertaining men which was refuted by my guides. She was playful in that once I felt her spirit so close that someone was standing on my foot. I also felt someone playing with my hair while touching my arm. I did get the name of Trixie which was not her real name. She never smoked but I did feel pressure in my chest and pain in my lungs. She did mention that she had been sick but she was not dead. Both Rosie and I had to replace batteries in our cameras after leaving the room. We spent a total of 25 ½ minutes in this room. We then went on a break outside the building. "

Rosie noted: "In room 4..... We both felt cold spots directly in front and behind us. I also at this time was carrying my camcorder and was sitting down recording when I felt a pressure push down on my camcorder. Scott continuously felt someone playing with his hair. He also felt someone touching his arm and while using his dowsing rods he was able to pick up that this female spirit went by the name of Trixie in life. This spirit worked in the building and entertained men."

Rooms 1 & 7:Chris and Ty-

Ty noted: "Every time I entered the room, I felt different. There was much heavier feel to this room. It was darker and spookier than the others. Chris and I were in this room, and I thought that I may have caught very slight EVPs while in this room when listening live. One question I asked was who was president of the US, and thought that I got the answer of “Grant.’ This will need to be verified during EVP review. Also, I thought that heard footsteps with spurs clanking, but Chris stated that he heard the bells on one of the doors."

Room 2: Jimmy and Matt

Room 7 (second rotation) JJ/Annette: Both investigators reported hearing a woman or child’s voice talking and laughing. could have been someone in alley next door though. Investigators did hear the sound of glasses, dishes clanking below them and JJ reported hearing something like chips being thrown like in a card game.

Hour 4

Investigators rotated positions for last hour. Jimmy went home at 11:10 after investigating room 4.


JJ/Annette until 11:35-Noted dancing orbs in Room 2

11:23- the door to room No. 1 opened by itself after having been closed tightly. No one was in that room at the time. At this point, Annette and Chris decided to investigate this room again.

Room 2-Chris and Ty (first rotation)

11:35 Matt & Ty & JJ on Monitors - noted streaks in picture

Rooms 7(11:08-11:26) & 3(11:26-11:41)-Rosie and Scott.

Scott noted: " In room 7 I connected with a woman in spirit age 22 yr old. We did not get a name for her and she believed she was still alive. She touched my cheek quite often. She was deceptive about being a working girl. She was very close to her dad but had conflicts with her mom and ran away from home at age 14. Upon leaving this room I noted that I lost batteries in my flashlight. We spent 13 ½ minutes in this room." Rosie notes that Scott’s cheek was touched a lot in this room.

They then spent the remainder of the investigation in room 3 where Scott noted: "In room 3 we encountered a female in spirit, age 33 yrs old. We heard pigeons out side of the window. I felt someone rubbing my leg down close to my leg. When it stopped Rosie felt a stabbing pain in her back. The woman in spirit was honest about being a working girl. She was never married and believed that she was still alive. This was one of the rooms I had place a motion sensor in. The sensor has a blue light that goes off when it detects motion in front of it. I was able to determine that the woman in spirit was standing between the sensor and myself and the blue light was on the whole time. When I started losing my connection to her the light started dimming until it went dark. This woman claimed to be scared and not happy. We spent a total of 15 minutes in this room." Rosie also reported cold chills and a stabbing feeling in room 3.

Room 1- Chris and Annette(after 11:23p.m.)

Chris reported feeling his hair touched again.


The Analysis .

Several investigators reported similar experiences without suggestive influence. All the males in the group reported being touched, particularly in room 4.

High and erratic EMFs and unlevel floors could create psychological experiences that may not be paranormal. A highly publicized site to reportedly be haunted can create a suggestive state to investigators. Unusual layout of building could create shadow effects. Rooms close together, age of building and active restaurants below could explain reported noises and scents. Further review of evidence is needed to make determination of actual paranormal activity.

There was actually a great deal of personal experiences by all team members on this investigation. All investigators reported some sort of experience during this investigation. Notably, it is highly unusual for ALL investigators of a team to have experiences during an investigation especially given the stringent rules this teams follows. One of Texpart rules is that if something unusual is experienced by an investigator, it is not to be verbally stated to anyone except for the team leader or JJ in this case. The experience is then written down or recorded and other investigators are called to further test the area. Our rules were thoroughly abided by and we all were cautious to not influence our fellow team members with any personal experiences we had. As in the case of the experiences that Ty had in room 4 and then he called others in to stay in that room WITHOUT telling them anything beyond merely something happened to him. This prevents hysteria or like experiences from occurring from the fear factor. I was also surprised that beyond personal experiences such as being touched, other more material things occurred as well. Things like doors opening by themselves after being latched, doors locking of their own accord, cameras bouncing while secured in place and motion cameras going off when no human movement is occurring. This was both exciting and fascinating and all methods possible were employed to debunk such activities, yet none could be debunked. Importunely these events did not occur in areas covered by camera-this is very typical in paranormal investigations. This is usually indicative of what we call an "intelligent" haunt. Shadows were seen by the naked eye in front of doors and in the common area as well. Shadows on the IR cams could be attributed to pixilation. One piece of physical evidence was caught on camera. An unusual vapor trial was photographed by investigator Scott M in Miss Josie's room. This came after having taken a normal picture seconds before the picture containing the anomaly.  All Texpart members agreed that Miss Molly’s is haunted. We highly recommend Miss Molly's  to other guests and groups.  


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