Private Investigation Prosper, TX

The TexPart Team was called to a private residence in Prosper to investigate reports of paranormal activity.  The home was a 2007 2 story brick home in a fairly quiet subdivision.  The two occupants were pleasant and level headed.  There were 2 friendly dogs living on site as well  The clients told us that they were concerned because they believed their small grandchild was experiencing something they could not explain.  They heard their grandbaby talking to someone in the room and they knew no one was in the room. They also experienced problems with the baby monitor and heard footsteps in the empty guest room.  

The Investigation

Four members of TexPart ("The Team") arrived at the home in the mid-afternoon as activity was not prone to occur at any specific time.   The area surrounding the home was pretty quiet for a subdivision and nothing could be noted that might have explained any of the noises or experiences felt or heard by the clients. The team investigated using numerous devices and methods.  Burst EVP sessions were used to try to capture any disembodied voices or answers to questions unheard by the team during the sessions.  Several interesting responses were actually captured during our sessions using a device called "the spiritus".  The spiritus app is a spirit box type device uses a word cache that is run backwards using various voices.  While the EVP session seemed to yield responses of a personal nature that related directly with the individuals in the room, no EVPs were obtained relating to the claims in that home at that time.  An unexplainable video was actually caught while walking in the hallway outside the grandchild's room.  The video showed the tiny rocking chair in the room rocking all by itself in the empty room.  The person that videoed the occurrence was in the hall several feet away and had not stepped into the room.  The chair actually rocked for several seconds on the carpeted floor.  When we tried to debunk this, our investigators could only get the chair to rock twice on the thick carpet before stopping. This was the only paranormal occurrence that we were able to obtain on video. Investigators did hear walking sounds as reported by clients while they were investigating the rooms directly below the upper rooms.  No EVPs were captured demonstrating these sounds but since all were accounted for in the home and no one was present in the upper rooms at the time, investigators were unable to explain those sounds.

Based on what evidence we did find, we did feel that something was going on that needed some resolution.   TexPart worked with the clients to educated them about how stress and worry effects energy in a home which then could then create some forms of paranormal activity.  People do cause hauntings in high stress situations and it is important that those tensions are discussed and a plan is made to help them get resolved in order to diffuse human based paranormal activities.  The team did use the prayers given to us by our priest as the home was cleared by using dragons blood and frankincense and sage as has been instructed by our priest.

The Clients report that the activity had decreased drastically.