Private Investigation Little Elm, TX

The TexPart Team was called to a private residence in Little Elm to investigate reports of paranormal activity.  The home was a newer 2 story brick home in a fairly quiet subdivision.  The two occupants were pleasant and level headed and there were three dogs residing in the home as well.  The clients told us that  Over the past 6 months they had been experiencing explainable activity in the house and that it had been getting progressively worse. The activity included their closed bedroom door which awoke from their sleep and scared the dogs. The room smelled of sulfur and the temperature changed rapidly from hot to cold. Things were moved and the clients felt that the activity was affecting their health. They called TexPart because they were at a point where they wanted to leave the house as soon as possible, but were bound to this house by a lease.

The Investigation

Four members of TexPart ("The Team") arrived at the home in the mid-afternoon as activity was not prone to occur at any specific time.   The area surrounding the home was pretty quiet for a subdivision and nothing could be noted that might have explained any of the noises or experiences felt or heard by the clients. The team investigated using numerous devices and methods.  Burst EVP sessions were used to try to capture any disembodied voices or answers to questions unheard by the team during the sessions.  Several interesting responses were actually captured during our sessions using a device called "the portal".  The Portal is a spirit box type device uses a word cache that is run backwards using various voices.  Words randomly generate but usually make no sense because they are generated backwards.  The theory is that when words a generated that make sense, seemingly in direct response to a direct question and if they are not backwards then they may have been a result of paranormal interference.  For instance, we asked the question, "why do you bother the client's dog?"  The response was clear and almost immediate " because its fun"   We were unable to capture anything on video.   While in the media room on the second floor one of the team members did experience a heavy tug to the back of her chair that was so hard it made her jump and almost unseated her and right after that a shadow that crossed the wall behind where two other investigators sat and watched it go into the hall.  The room did seem to get very cold during this time. After the shadow went into the hall, we also observed that the two smaller dogs quickly made their way down the stairs while the larger dog who had been coming up the stairs to check out what we were doing immediately stopped at the top of the stairs.  He seemed to cower a bit and turned around and went back down stairs.  Its hard to say why they dog actually did this but it was very odd timing.  

Based on what evidence we did find, we did feel that something was going on that needed some resolution.   TexPart worked with the clients to educated them about how stress and worry effects energy in a home which then could then create some forms of paranormal activity.  People do cause hauntings in high stress situations and it is important that those tensions are discussed and a plan is made to help them get resolved in order to diffuse human based paranormal activities. We then asked a priest to come bless the home and help us clear any negative and harmful spirits out of the area. 

The Clients report that the activity had decreased drastically.

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