In June, TexPart Paranormal LLC completed an investigation of a grave site known as one of Dallas areas top 10 most haunted sites. 

Our mission was to gather evidence to determine if this notorious site was indeed haunted by a man urban legend says killed his wife and daughters and then killed himself or was there more to this legend that met the eye. 

The team arrived after dark one June evening to find a quiet, unusual little cemetery.   I say unusual because the layout of the cemetery seemed as though it might have been all one plot of ground with a nice fence and gate but somewhere in time, a rather unthoughtful road was placed straight down the center which undid any symmetry that the cemetery may have had .   I could see an area where an outer wall had been and perhaps a gate but the rest was just open to the surrounding roads.  This may also be why the Smileys grave was placed right at roadside.  The family plot was surprising near the small road but thankfully made it easy to access.  

Upon arrival I noted the fact that all persons listed on the large Smiley tombstone did indeed die the same day.  Several Smiley relative's plots surrounded the large family tombstone.  

Also noteworthy was the fact that so many others had reported a foul stench while investigating and that during our time at the site, we too encountered the very rank smell.

Locusts and other loud bugs as well as road noise from the highway nearby made gathering EVPs on the recorders nearly impossible that night.  It was a very warm and humid night and an occasional cold breeze would swirl through our small gathering of investigators.  Honestly the breeze was significantly colder and I could never account for that. 

We did have some interesting answers on our equipment that we used and static based equipment that should not have worked (such as para scopes) with such humidity did also return answers.  Interestingly, the answers correlated with findings from research we did later.  What we discovered is that the murder just that RUMORS and not fact based.   

We searched for articles about the murders on the May 1927 date in the area.  We found nothing that even remotely correlated to the Smiley family.  But with further digging what I did find was interesting.

Charles Oscar Smiley was only 37 when he and his family were killed.  Interestingly there is a "rest of the story" that paranormal enthusiasts dont seem to embrace.... something we found to be the truth even in the answers given during our EVP, Rem Pod and Portal sessions: This family actually passed away resulting from a tornado that killed 17 people in Garland, Texas. Among those killed were all the members of the family of Charlie O. Smiley with the exception of his five year old son Dorit Smiley.  No one mentions that their small son survived, was raised by extended family and lived on into his 80s.  So many just want to believe that this man was monstrous enough to kill his 4 daughters, wife and then take his own life.  However this is just not true.  Newspaper articles from May 9. 1927 showed a very large and deadly tornado tore through Garland and left 17 people dead.  From what I read, the Smiley family was the least fortunate of all the victims in that all but one small boy was killed that day nearly wiping out the entire family.   Ill attach the newspaper article shortly so that all can read it.   

As for the foul stench, the landfill is a very short distance away and during certain times they incinerate garbage which lets off a very foul methane odor which might in part account for the smell we encountered.


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