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Meetup workshops September 7th


http://www.meetup.com/TexPart-Center-for -Ghosthunters-and-Spiritual-Wellness/eve nts/134249972/

This workshop is designed for any level of paranormal investigator. It is a pre-requisite course for our advanced workshops. Within this course you will learn the how's and why's - how to enter the client's space, tap into your higher self, work with our specialized toolkits (not electronic) and so much more. As you know - our clients are not just those on this physical plane. Those who have crossed over are of equal importance . Knowledge and understanding of our profession is the key to our continued commitment to professionally investigating all things paranormal. Come join us at our new office space in downtown McKinney right above Spoons Restaurant! We look forward to seeing you! Cost of this workshop is $20 per person. Please RSVP as soon as possible! Taught by Diana Leggett - Psychic Medium/Reiki Master/Teacher and VP of TexPart Paranormal, LLC.

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