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Hello viewer.

I'd like to make a not-so-brief statement about myself and maybe you'll find something we share in common or at least be slightly entertained.  I'm a 33yr old, pagan stay-at-home-mom who loves the sci-fi, fantasy, horror and mystery genres of literature and movies.  I enjoy most of all stories about hauntings, both fiction and documentaries.  I've not yet had the chance to join a team of investigators nor have I had a chance to do any investigating myself but would jump at the chance to have such an experience.

Ever since my own experience with a series of unexplainable occurences in my home as a child I've been fascinated by the unseen world.  I've done my own research through the years to try to come up with answers to all the questions that have risen after the events and continue to do so.  There's so much we don't know...I truly believe the paranormal world is our last great frontier.

I'm not exactly what you would call a skeptic.  I believe more than I disbelieve, however I'm not prone to jumping to conclusions and a search for truth means a person must be prepared to go to great lengths to explain an unexplained event...for the sake of truth.  We all want to believe we've experienced something phenomenal but more often than not what what has occured is merely a strange, yet mundane event.  On a more frank note, I'd also rather not look silly after presenting what I might consider evidence of something paranormal only to have someone debunk it easily.  I've come to realize that real paranormal events are rare but when a person does come across something that cannot be explained through earthly resources, it makes the experience so much more gratifying and amazing.

I'm a seeker of truth and will look at things from every possible angle before voicing my opinion of it.  I want the field of paranormal investigation to be taken seriously and it's my opinion that it's not going to happen if we, as believers, continue to submit torrents of "orbs" and "vorteces".

As one infamous character once stated so memorably, "The truth is out there." we just have to use a bit of common sense, brain power and a bit of good ol' elbow grease to weed the truth from the wishful thinking.

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