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gilmer, texas
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    I am Glenda Nipper.. My husband and I own an appliance business in Longview, Texas...

    I was raised around the Houston area.. Came to Longview in the seventies.. have been in east tx. since then..

    Have raised three sons, and now have six grandchildren..


     when I was a small child, I saw spirits in my bedroom. My mother would tell me that I was dreaming.. I would of course believe that..

    I have realized for many years now that what I am seeing and feeling are real spirits and now they are around me all the time.... I have many many CD's that will prove just how many I have around me...

    I am very religious and believe in my creator, God almighty... Since these spirits have been around me , I pray for their soul, because now, i realize that is why they are around me so much...

    I have videos of them talking and also you can see the spirits in my den and my kitchen in my videos... I can not tell what most of them are saying, but I will download

a soft ware when I know which one I should have to do this with...

   I have sent one of my videos to a woman who is in West vir..

She tells me that there are two different women on one of these videos that I sent her. She says one says Help me . the other one says YOu left me, you die... Not for sure if she is right on this or not.. she says she is new to the voice soft ware that she has...

   I do know for sure that they are here in my house and  where ever I go, I can talk to them and the will appear in my camera  in some type of light or shape ....

     I take pictures every day and night in my house... I know for sure they are here and I know for sure they are listening and watching and they use any  light they can have to show themselves to me... they move the light  in formations also.. they take light from the computer, radio, clock, tv. and use this... I put my camera on fourteen sec. to see them  in motion also..  I  also take my cell phone camera and use that.. that is where I get them when they are talking to me..  I do this when I feel them around me ..


this is all documented on my cd's and my computer...

   I am not for sure why I have so many spirits, but I do and I pray and sing to God every day because it seems that it helps them for some reason.. I belive that they are here for a reason .. dont know what it is for sure, but they are here and I just try to help them if possible... through prayer is the only way I can help them... Dont think that I am a religious nut, because I do this.. I belive that this is the spirit realm itself, because they are here twenty four hrs a day and many many of them.... men, women, children, I have them all.... No matter where I go with my camera, if there are spirits, they will come to me in my camera... I know this because I have them on film in resturants, old barns, grave sites, my back yard,  my home, etc..

   I ride a goldwing trike also and take many pictures of old homes, church steeples, barns, old buildings.... I have done this for many yrs, 

   I love photography and I see beauty in almost everything ..... God has created...!!!




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