Investigations 2010 Investigations 2010 Catfish Plantation 90307650 Catfish Team nney, Ty Phillips, JJ Rice, Korrie Everette 90307899 June 19, 2010 The old Mckinney Courthouse (MPAC Center) 90309127 The youth team at work at MPAC 90309128 Going over the trail Texpart did a mock trail to stir things up at MPAC 90309129 A few team members doing an EVP session at the MPAC 90309130 A dowsing session on stage at MPAC 90309131 An EVP session in the basement 90309132 Texpart team members at work at MPAC 90309133 Catfish 91793917 The hallway at Catfish The ladies bathroom is located where the bedroom was. This is the bathroom where the bride was killed. 91793918 Mario from Fort Worth Paranormal 91793919 Controlled test to see if utensils moved 91793920 Catfish spook wagon 91793921 91793922 Welcome to the Catfish Plantation 2010 91793923 Michael M using a night vision device at the Magic Shop 91794913 Scott M doing a session 91794914 Magic Shop theatre area 91794915 Watching the second floor 91794916 Second Floor Magic Shop 91794917 Texpart on duty 91794918 Scott on Duty 91796360 Plano Masonic Lodge 91796361 Plano Masonic Lodge 91796362 Plano Mason Lodge 91796363 Plano Masonic Lodge 91796364 Plano Masonic Lodge warden chair 91796365 Plano Masonic Lodge 91796366 Past Masons 91796367