McKinney Investigations McKinney Investigations Dobscha Art Studio Leonard Ray died in the 50s 56544737 Leonard Rays office Leonard Ray shot himself in the head - the office was left undisturbed from the 50s until 2009. 56544738 Texpart setting up at Dobsca How to best find Leonard Ray 56544739 Dobsca entry 56544740 The Mckinney Court house This would have been the grand court room 56544741 Grand Stage and a ball of light Texpart members chasing an energy reading 56544742 Grand Court room entrance 56544743 The Judges Bench 56544745 The Modern Day Court house Now the Mckinney Peforming Arts Center 56544746 THe organ pipe room One creepy room where the lady in white supposedly hung herself. 56544747 Texpart during an EVP session 56544748 Chestnut Square Delany Cottage 56544749 Chestnut Square Texpart at Delany Cottage 56544750 Two Bit Taylor Inn 56544751 The School House 56544752 Taylor Inn One creepy little place! 56544753 The School House This one locked us out! 56544754 The Faires House 56544755 The Faires House 56544756 Texpart prepares for Chestnut Square 56544757 The Delany House 56544758 The Delany Home 56544759 The Johnson House 56544761