Mckinney Texas 2008 Mckinney Texas 2008 South east front view Picture was taken by investigator Annette C. 14160257 handicap entrance on south side Picture was taken by Annette C. 14160266 This cornerstone tells the dates of the church Photo Taken by JJ Rice 14160258 Strange mist on south ramp Photo taken by investigator Annette C. 14160267 Strange mist not in next photo Notice in the next photo of this series that the mist is gone. 14160259 Picture of the roof This picture was taken by Annette C who thought that she saw something on the roof....something does appear in the photo as well 14160260 Picture of south door of church Photo By Annette C. 14160268 Front of spooky abandoned church 14160282 17581461 17581398 17581462 17581463 17581464